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His first appearance in the movies was in the Brasília Festival (96), acting in a short movie called Depois do Escuro (After Dark), by Dirceu Lustosa. With Bicho de Sete Cabeças, his first long movie, he conquered the Candango Award for Best Actor in the Brasília Festival (2000) and the Saruê Trophy form the Correio Braziliense Newspaper. He participated in Estação das Águas (Water Stations), the last long movie by Walter Salles. On TV, he acted in a few soap operas such as Suave Veneno (Sweet Poison), O Amor Está no Ar (Love is In The Air), Explode Coração (Hearts Explode) and had special guest appearances in series such as Sai de Baixo (Get out from Under), Comédia da Vida Privada (Private Life's Comedy) and Mulher (Woman). Also had participation on the miniseries Hilda Furacão, acting side by side with Paulo Autran. Currently he acts in the soap opera called Estrela Guia (Guiding Star).

OTHON BASTOS (Father, Mr. Wilson)
He acted in more than 40 plays in the theater alone. The plays that brought him the Best Actor Award were: Na Selva das Cidades (In the City's Jungle) (Moliere and APCA), Um Grito Parado no Ar (A Shout in Mid Air) (APCA) and Dueto Para Um Só (Duet for One Alone) (APCA). He also received the nomination for the Shell Award with the play O Jardim das Cerejeiras (The Cherry Tree Garden), by Tchecov, directed by Paulo Mamede. In the movies, he worked with Glauber Rocha and Leon Hirzman, among others. He won the Best Actor Award with the movies Deus e Diabo na Terra do Sol (God and the Devil in the Land of The Sun) ("Saci " Cinema Award / São Paulo), Os Deuses e os Mortos (The Gods and The Dead) (Brasília Festival), São Bernardo (Saint Bernard) (Moliere, APCA and Gramado Festival), Os Sermões (The Sermons) (Brasília Festival), among others. On TV, he acted in many soap operas and series such as Os Imigrantes (The Immigrants), in which he won another APCA Award for Best Actor.

CÁSSIA KISS (Mother, Meire)
Cássia Kiss worked in soap operas such as Roque Santeiro, Pantanal (Swamplands), Vale Tudo (Worth it All) and Fera Ferida (Wounded Beast). She began working in the theater at the age of 15, working with Fernanda Montenegro and was directed by Ulisses Cruz, Silnei Siqueira, José Posse Neto, Augusto Boal, among others. In the movies, she acted in Memórias do Cárcere (Memories From Jail), by Nelson Pereira dos Santos, Ele, o Boto (Him, The Boto Dolphin), by Walter Lima Jr., A Grande Arte (The Great Art), by Walter Salles, among others. Currently, she is working in the soap opera Porto dos Milagres (Miracle's Port) and in the theater in the play Últimas Luas (Last Moons), by Furio Bordon, directed by Jorge Takla.

CACO CIOCLER (intern Rogério)
Currently working in the soap opera Um Anjo Caiu do Céu (The Angel Who Fell From Heaven). Also worked in the mini-series A Muralha (The Great Wall) and won the Best Revealed Actor APC Award in1995 for his performance in Rei do Gado (King of The Cattle). With the play Rei Lear (King Lear), he won the Quality Brazil Award (2000) For Best Actor. In the movies, all of his performances will still premier: other than the Bicho de Sete Cabeças (Brainstorm), Minha Vida em Suas Mãos (My Life in Your Hands), O Xangô de Baker Street (Baker Street Xangô Diety), Lara (Lara) and Avassaladoras (Destroyers), this last one is still being filmed.

JAIRO MATTOS (nurse Ivan)
On TV, he worked in several soap operas such as Barriga de Aluguel (Surrogate Belly), O Dono do Mundo (The World's Owner) and Rei do Gado (King of The Cattle). In theater, he participated in the play called Budro, by Bosco Brasil and directed by Emílio di Biase, where he was nominated for the Best Actor Award for the Moliere Awards. He also acted in Esperando Godot (Waiting for Godot), Barrela (Barrela) and À Queima Roupa (At Close Range). In the movies, he participated in many films, among these are: Louco Por Cinema (Crazy for the Movies), by André Luis Oliveira, O Viajante (The Traveler), by Paulo César Saraceni and Tainá - Uma aventura no país das Amazonas (Tainá - An Adventure in the Amazon Country), by Tânia Lamarca. Currently he is directing street shows and theater plays such as: Cocooning and Getsemani (Gethsemane), both by Mário Bortolotto.

She has experience working on TV, theater and cinema. On TV, she participated in several soap operas and mini-series, among these are: Riacho Doce (Sweet Brook), Ana Raio e Zé Trovão (Lightning Ana and Zé Thunder), As Pupilas do Sr. Reitor (Mr. Dean's Girl Students) and Vidas Cruzadas (Crossed Lives). In theater, she acted in As Polacas (The Polish Ladies), directed by Iacov Hillec and O Ovo do Cramulhão (Cramulhão's Egg), with the scripts written by Benedito Rui Barbosa and directed by Ednaldo Freire. In the movies, other than Bicho de Sete Cabeças (Brainstorm), she also participated in the Italian film Missione D'Amore (Mission of Love), directed by Dino Risi.

GERO CAMILO (intern Ceará)
He won the Best Supporting Actor award in the Brasília Festival for his acting in the Bicho de Sete Cabeças (Brainstorm). He graduated as an actor from EAD (Escola de Arte Dramática - Dramatic Arts School) at USP (University of São Paulo), and participated in two plays: Cândida Erêndida (Cândida Erêndida) and Sua Avó Desalmada (Your Soulless Grandmother), both by José Rubens Siqueira. He presented, last year, A Procissão (The Procession), a monologue of his authorship. In the movies, he worked in Cronicamente Inviável (Chronically Unviable), Domésticas (Maids) and Estação das Águas (Water Stations), the last movie by Walter Salles.

MARCOS CESANA (intern Bil)
Journalist and collaborator for the Cult magazine Sinopse (Synopsis). He acted in theatrical plays and in several TV commercials. He wrote two theatrical plays called Desamparo (Abandonment) and José.

ALTAIR LIMA (Dr. Cintra)
In 1969, he produced and acted in the musical Hair. He also worked in the soap opera A Viagem (The Trip) (1976). In Chica da Silva (Chica da Silva), by Walter Avancine, he was nominated for the Best Actor Award. Currently, he is working in theater and in the soap opera Roda da Vida (Circle of Life), at Rede Record TV.

LINEU DIAS (intern Journalist)
Since 1963 he has worked in theater in São Paulo. In 1964, he received an Award for Andorra, Teatro Oficina (Andorra, Office Theater). In 1995, he received the Sharp Award for Minh'Alma, Alma Minha (My Soul, Soul of Mine). In the movies, he acted in Asa Branca (White Wing) and Bocage, both directed by Djalma Limonge Batista

LUIS MIRANDA (nurse Marcelo)
He has more than 10 plays in his résumé. He excelled in Sete Gatinhos (Seven Kittens), by Nelson Rodrigues and directed by Vadin Nikitim and Apocalipse I.II (Apocalypse I.II), by Fernando Bonassi and directed by Antônio Araújo. For this play, Luis is being nominated for the Shell Award (2000) for the Best Actor category. In the movies, other than Bicho de Sete Cabeças (Brainstorm), he also worked in Domésticas (Maids), by Fernando Meirelles.

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