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Buriti Filmes

Laís Bodanzky and Luiz Bolognesi are partners of this company that produces short, medium and long films. Other than Bicho de Sete Cabeças (Brainstorm), the company produced the short movies Pedro e o Senhor (Pedro and the Lord) and Cartão Vermelho (Red Card) and the documentary Cine Mambembe - O Cinema Descobre o Brasil (Cine Mambembe - The Cinema discovers Brazil), which these last two works won several awards in Brazil and overseas. Currently, Buriti Filmes is preparing a documentary series with the co-production of TV Cultura, As Lutas do Povo Brasileiro - do Tacape à AR15 (The Brazilian People's Fights - From Tacape to AR15), which is still in the script writing phase. Other than these, Buriti Filmes develops projects such as Cine Mambembe and the Cinema na Praça (Public Square Cinema), showing Brazilian films in exhibitions all over the country.

Dezenove Som e Imagens Produções Ltda.

Founded in 1991 by the cineaste Carlos Reichenbach and the producer Sara Silveira, the company Dezenove Som e Imagens produced films that marked the 90's and received many awards in Brazil and abroad, such as Alma Corsária (Corsair Soul), Dois Córregos (Two Brooks) (directed by Carlos Reinchenbach), A Hora Mágica (The Magic Hour) (directed by Guilherme de Almeida Prado) and Ação Entre Amigos (Action Among Friends) (directed by Beto Brant). Recently Dezenove produced Alô?! (Hello?!), directed by Mara Mourão and Bicho de Sete Cabeças (Brainstorm), directed by Laís Bodanzky. Currently co-produces with Durval Discos, a long film by Anna Muylaert that is currently in the filming phase. It is one of the few Brazilian producing companies that has achieved and closed many important partnerships with European producing companies.

Gullane Filmes

Company owned by Caio and Fabiano Gullane, that produces short and long films, as well as TV series and documentaries. They participated in the production direction and/or executive production of important films in the 90's, such as Castelo Rá-Tim-Bum - O Filme (Rá-Tim-Bum Castle - the Movie), Tônica Dominante (Dominant Tonic), Através da Janela (Through the Window), Dois Córregos (Two Brooks), Ação Entre Amigos (Action Among Friends) and more than 20 short movies. Currently, Gullane is dedicated to the launching of Bicho and is preparing a long film called Nina, by Heitor Dhália; a series of 5 documentaries for TV about Plínio Marcos, directed by Carlos Cortez, and the documentary Expedição Nacional (National Expedition), a diagnostics about the country's environment, directed by Caio and Fabiano Gullane.

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