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If the movies are the art of relating different languages in searching of a unity for the story that is told, O Bicho de Sete Cabeças (Brainstorm) promotes this meeting of different languages by giving the soundtrack a role that stands out from the others. In the film, the songs by Arnaldo Antunes and the lyrics by André Abujamra, are always interacting with the narration. They try to enhance the rebellious attitude and the lyricism expressed there. They actively participate in the movie, to the point of even describing Neto's thoughts and representing his feelings. Abujamra used the resource of distorting the sounds from the film itself to compose the soundtrack.

The soundtrack promotes the addition to the movie of the urban teenage universe through the national rap music songs (by Band Zona Proibida) and the national punk rock (by Band Infierno).

The moments of deep anguish lived by the main character count with a sound reinforcement with the music by the Pernambucano composer, currently living in Rio de Janeiro, Décio Rocha. Zeca Baleiro also decisively contributes to the film's emotions interpreting the classic Bicho de 7 Cabeças 2 (Brainstorm II), by Geraldo Azevedo and Zé Ramalho.

Another interesting aspect is that one of the responsible people for the sound effects for the film was the Italian Sérgio Basili, who worked in Italian movie classics such as Il Sorpasso by Dino Risi, Roma and La Dolce Vita by Frederico Fellini.

The songs in the movie may be heard in the CD with the original soundtrack of Bicho de Sete Cabeças (Brainstorm).

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